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One year Completed for Sarkari-Naukri Blog

One Year completion of Sarkari Naukri Blog

Dear Government Job Seekers,

Today this blog has completed one year and the experience is very encouraging. After my study days, I have faced the difficulty of searching various government Job options, so I wanted to have a website where Government Jobs should be available to the common students or job seekers who miss some good opportunity by not knowing the vacancy notifications.

With a wish to serve the Government Job Seekers to help them in knowing the Government Jobs available at any time, this blog was started on 24/06/2006. It has gone thru many difficulties like banning the Blogs by Government in July 2006 and a lack of many technical understandings.

Sarkari Naukri Government Job

But with God's grace, today this blog is serving the Government Job Seekers all over India and many people from the foreign countries also visit regularly.

I hope you people will make this blog a most sought after blog in India.

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  1. I hope it does. I pray it shall. I know it will. Thanks for such a good and innovative idea.

  2. u dont know how sweet n valuable work u did after start it.
    really amazing n superb...keep it up..


  3. ofcourse this site helped me a lot to find out govt jobs. i was in the same position as you. accedently i found this site and it helped me to find out the job vacancies which i sought. thanks a lot.

  4. Keep up the excellent work! wish your blog is a huge success...

  5. I must appreciate your efforts to make this site very useful for govt job seekers. Really this site helped me alot to find job vacancies. Wonderful!!!

  6. Your work is really very heeelpful. I came acroos thsi website when I was searching a prticular university for the job, and your website come in a very unexpected manner and it has helped me like anything.

    As i live in a remote place now, your website keeps me updated on job vacaciances nicely coordinated. Thanks a lot Manisha.

    May God bless you lot for your nice efforts nad I hope this web site will be a great success.
    sabyasachi Mishra

  7. THanksssssssssss very much!