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Government Announces 7th Pay Commission

Central government has announced the Seventh (7th) Pay Commission for Government Employees which will give its report with 2 years and its report will be implemented from 1st January 2016. It is a good news for all Sarkari Naukri (Government Job Seekers) that they will get increased salary will cater to the increasing cost of living. 

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  1. Lekin kab se lagu hoga 7th pay commission

  2. It is very gud news for me nd all my colleagues nd all govt employee's like me in uttarakhand
    hope central govt will apply 7th pay as soon as possible..

  3. thanks is will it gives any benifits to contract employees,who works in govt companies....

  4. thnxxxx...


  6. What peoples will do with high money with the implementation of 7th pay comm... after death, each and every things will be equal.. Thanks.. bt its my concept.

  7. 7th pay commision ane se megae aor badha jae aor am logo mar jaye ge

  8. where bank employee strike for salary settlement , take pain for wage deduction, same time GOI allow 7th pay commission for their employee...?
    without any demand/strike

  9. Thanx too

  10. Why to increase the burden,debts and fuel prices

  11. there will bo no any 7th pay commission untill we get selected in govt. Sector.

  12. don't expect much from 7th pay looking at the current economic scenario of the economy, the government is not in a position to give high hike to government employees.

    secondly, salary hikes through pay commissions lead to higher inflation as it increase the money supply in the market , while the commodities remain same, thus pushing prices (inflation).

    so expect moderate hike in salary in 7th pay comm.
    also it would be from 1st jan 2016 which still 2.5 year even if hikes are there, it would have minimal effect on your earnings and savings , as inflation from 2013 to 2016 would reduce purchasing power of rupee.

  13. Naked Truth!
Starting January 2014, a Reservation Clerk in Railway will earn Rs.35,370 after taking into account the recent 10% DA hike announced by the Govt.

On an average there will be jump in salary to the extend of 2.6times after every pay commission. So after 7th pay commission, if we consider the
worst case scenario and suppose salary will jump
by 1.6times, from 2016 a booking clerk will get Rs.57,250 as agaisnt the 18000 drawn by Bank Clerk and 30000 drawn by Bank Officers.

The entire thing has to be read against the backdrop that during the year 2012-13, Railways made a
loss of Rs.24,600 and the minister was quick in
attributing the loss to the gloomy Economic Scenario
prevailing in the country.

It is worth to mention here that IBA restricted the wage revision
to 5% citing poor profitability of Banks, whereas data reveals that during the last 5 years, Gross Profit of PSBs jumped by 141% to Rs.1,07,731Cr.

Can anyone explain the rational prevailing in this GREAT
country in giving Rs.57000 salary to a booking clerk who
key- in nothing but passenger detail and a bank officer who
appraise and sanctions credit worth crores of ruppes.

This is INDIYAH! Ruled and Ruined by GREAT politicains
who play nothing but VOTE BANK POLITICS!

Unless Union People open their mouth and express these
facts to the media/public/ Government, even an
indfenite strike will not find favour with any stake holders.
Tell your union leaders to project as an example the salary received by a Booking Clerk in Railway and the working-conditions compared to a Bankers. Give maximum publicity to these irritating facts in all the forums.

TELL THE TRUTH AND WIN HEARTS, else be ready to do some menial jobs after banking hours to meet the ends!

  14. Thanks for 7th pay commision