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Benefits to Women Government Employees

Benefits to Women Government Employees

Special benefits for Women/Female Government Employees
Special benefits for Women/Female Government Employees

Article 14 of the Indian constitution of India says the there will be no discrimination based on sex, caste, religion, etc.  Article 14 also takes into consideration the fact that not all laws must be generic in nature and not the same laws are applicable to all persons. Hence, it has the provision of treating different individuals differently if circumstances demand so.

Therefore, based on history, current social and economic conditions, certain benefits are specially designed for a special group of people.  For example, seeing the social conditions of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Castes in India, special reservation is provided to uplift their social conditions.

Similarly, to encourage equal opportunities to women, there are some specific benefits that are provided in the Government jobs in India to women (female) employees, besides common benefits to all employees whether male or female.

List of Special Benefits to Women Government Employees

  • 6 months of Maternity leave for each child up to two children
  • 730 days of child care leave for each child up to two children up to the age of 18 years of the child.
  • ₹3000/- Per Month special allowance to women with disability for child care for two years up to two children.
  • Children Education Allowance (CEA) ₹2250/- per month per child and ₹6750 per month per child for Hostel Subsidy up to 12th class for up to two children per child in a year.
  • Posting of husband and wife at the same station.
  • Special dispensation for women officers of North East cadre.
  • Change of cadre in case of marriage of all India service officers.
  • Preferential allotment of Government Hostels and House for women employees.
  • Special committees in all Government departments for sexual harassment cases
  • Now women also allowed in combatants posting Armed Forces.
  • Special battalions of women in the Armed Forces
  • No night duty for female staff.
  • Mandatory sexual harassment committee in every office.
  • Separate ladies' toilets on every floor of every building or office.
  • Separate reserved corner for females in the departmental canteen.
  • Exemption from application fee in recruitment forms in most cases.
  • Lady Briefcase or Lady Bag or reimbursement with a limit.

List of Special Benefits to Women Government Employees

Though almost all available Government Jobs are open for women job seekers, You can view all Sarkari Naukri vacancies which are exclusively mentioned for Women and Females.

The above mentioned special benefits to government female employees are beside the Common Benefits to all government employees like LTC, News Paper bill reimbursement, Medical benefits, Leave Encashment, Telephone and Internet entitlement, Travelling allowance, etc.

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  1. No night duty for female staff!??? And separate ladies toilet in each floor!! Seriously?!! 🤭 Pls check the pathetic conditions of female staff of essential services in central Govt sector!

  2. @Amrita,
    Condition of ladies toilet may be pathetic but at least they are there.