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  • OBC reservation Creamy Layer ceiling to increase

    Reporter: Manisha
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    ‘Creamy Layer’ ceiling may go up to fill Government job vacancies

    There is a reservation up to 27 per cent of total vacancies in government jobs and seats in educational institutions for socially, economically and marginalised backward caste know as 'Other Backward Class (OBC)' with a rider that the annual income of the family should be is up to Rs 6 lakh. Those who earn more than that are referred to as the ‘creamy layer’ and are not eligible for any benefit of reservation.

    Creamy Layer for OBC Reservation in Sarkari Naukri to increase
    Creamy Layer for OBC Reservation in Sarkari Naukri to increase

    Now, the government has found that a large number of vacancies in government jobs meant for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) remain unfilled, the government is mulling relaxing the ‘creamy layer’ criterion by raising the income ceiling to Rs 8 lakh annually.  After the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, the salary of average Government Official is also increased and hence lower level officials also has got increased salary and their income has exceed the limit of Rs. 6 lakh annually.  Because of this increase in the salary, large number of dependent OBC candidates are bound to be in 'Creamy Layer' and will not get any reservation.

    Therefore, the Social Justice Ministry, Government of India is working on a proposal to raise the annual income ceiling of OBCs to Rs 8 lakh, according to official sources, says PTI.

    Raising the ceiling would result in a larger pool of candidates becoming eligible for government jobs and seats in educational institutions.

    A Cabinet note is likely to be moved in this regard soon. National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC)  panel had recommended more than doubling the income ceiling to Rs 15 lakh.

    According to NCBC, only 12-15 per cent  reservation quota seats are filled even after two decades of this reservation introduced to OBC in Central Government Job and Educational Institutes, out of the 27 per cent allocated quota. As per NCBC analysis, the major reason behind this is the ceiling on annual income.

    Therefore, it is matter of time only that the ceiling for Creamy Layer for OBC reservation will increase.

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    11 comments to ''OBC reservation Creamy Layer ceiling to increase"

    1. That's good initiative ideas for obc welfare.thxs to namo sarkar

      1. padhai kar k bhi tum anpadh he rah gye yaar.

    2. its very bad decision by govt. as those OBC parents have govt job they already got all benefits and all now creamy layer cap in increasing now more OBC is got job .

      I am asking what about those OBC candidates whose non of family member has govt job all the time they struggling non of their parent earn more than 15K pm how can they know meaning of 7th pay ,
      most of OBC's family income is less than 2 lakh

      and Govt is saying 7th pay is introduced so with increased salary we are are incresing cap .

      idiot government.

      Lastly i Say a OBC candidate is filling exam form by borrowing money to his friends and doing tutions, infact doing 4th grade work or work in mall so that they manage atlest exam fees.

      Shame on government.

    3. Its not only the income limit but also the age factor that makes the vacancies go unfilled. why not increase age relaxation for all including open competition.


    5. There is caste system which prevents education reaching OBCs, temples , Baba Ramdev recieve funds without hesistation , while there is curse for education of SC/ST/OBCs.. we see lots of poor living under threat of Castiesm , who actually providing free lands to Governments for setting up industries/IITs/IIMs

      1. U r kidding right?? You are well off.. Many Sc/St candidate who claim they are lower are well off.. It's the tribals who don;t need govt jobs nor care about education are suffering. They don;t need your govt job or your reservation. They just need peace and their forest to be unharmed. Please don't put them with u rich SC/STs. They are already well off.

    6. what about a general category candidate whoes family income is 3/4L per annum?? He is more in need of a support rather that a candidate from OBC category earning 6L per annum?? Reservation should b scrapped and open merit selection should be done after that reserved category candidates fee n expenditure should be given by the Govt dat is d way to give benefit to really needy n deserving person. Giving relaxation in age or percentage reduces the quality of output.

      1. I guess we are ufkced

    7. pravinkumar3/4/17 11:44 AM

      yes this reaming percentage of recruitment has been done by as early as possible and govt have to take quick action


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