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Government Jobs in Haryana [Latest]

Government Jobs (Sarkari Naukri)  in Haryana 

‘Haryana’ is a correction of the word ‘Hariana’, which refers to the region as ‘the heaven on earth’. In the epic Mahabharat, which gave to this region worldwide fame,  Haryana is referred to as ‘Bahudhhanyaka’, ‘land of plentiful grains’ and ‘Bahudhana’, ‘the land of immense riches’.

Vedas were written in Haryana. Lord Krishna delivered the famous Bhagwad-Gita sermon in the midst of  the Mahabharata War; and on this very land at Kurukshetra, Ved Vyas wrote the epic ‘Mahabharata’ in Sanskrit. Four most famous battles : The Mahabharata War between Kaurvas and Pandavas at Kurukshetra, the battle between Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammed of Ghaur at Traori in 1191, and the three battles of Panipat between (i) Zaheeruddin Babar and Ibrahim Lodhi, the Sultan of Delhi in 1526, (ii) Akbar and Hemu (Hem Chandra Vikramaditya) in 1556 and (iii) the Marathas and Ahmed Shah Abdali in 1761, were fought on this soil.

Haryana came into existence as a full-fledged State with the reorganisation of Punjab on November 1, 1966. The State has been making steady socio-economic progress ever since it was carved out of Punjab. Its prosperity can be gauged from the fact of achieving the distinction of becoming the first State in the country with 100 percent rural electrification and metalled road connectivity. Haryana now has third highest per capita income in the country.

Government jobs in Haryana, are just another way of economic activities as Haryana is primarily agriculture and industrial economy based state.  Like other states, educated youths aspire to do a good government job.

Government Jobs (Sarkari Naukri)

The government sector in India provides assured career progression, good salary, job stability, job satisfaction and social responsibility achievement to the government employees. Therefore, almost all eligible job seekers in India including the state of Haryana, at least once try to grab a government job according to their liking and qualifications. 

Government Jobs Sarkari-Naukri in Haryana
Government Jobs in Haryana

Government Job Recruitment Agencies in Haryana

There are many organisations like Educational Institutes and  Universities (both central and state universities), Scientific Organisations, Central and State Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) etc. recruit at their own while another recruit through government recruitment agencies for the government employees in the state of Haryana.

For central government employees, recruitment primarily takes place through central recruitment agencies. Generally, regular recruitment in Haryana Government organisations/departments is done through some recruitment agencies or by the department/organisation itself. Some of the major recruitment agencies recruiting for Government Jobs situated in that state of Haryana are :

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These recruitment agencies mentioned above regularly publish generalised and specialised latest government job vacancies in regular interval and advertise in newspapers for available Sarkari Naukri job vacancies in various streams in various departments/organisations in the state of Haryana.

Latest Government Jobs in Haryana State  

So, if you are looking for latest government jobs exclusively in the state of Haryana, please see the below mentioned latest Sarkari Naukri vacancies of Haryana State -

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