Sarkari Naukri Vacancy Job Recruitment in India from Central/State Governments, PSU, Courts, Universities, Banks, Armed Forces, Institutes

Government Job Definitions Meaning and Dictionary

Government Job Definitions, Meanings, Description, and Dictionary

Government Job Definitions Dictionary

There are many Terms, Words, and Phrases related to Government Jobs Recruitment in India (called Sarkari Naukri), therefore, we need to know the definitions, descriptions, and meaning of these phrases, etc. The Government Jobs vacancy Recruitment dictionary may contain these words if it is prepared.

So, here is a list of description, meaning, and definitions of some of the required Terms, Words, and Phrases related to Government Jobs Recruitment in India with meanings.-

Government Job Terms, Definitions, Meanings

Government means “Government of India” or "State Government which has a requirement for a particular type of job vacancy. A government is a body of people that work to effectively and successfully guide a unit or community.  The government sets and administers various policies.

Government Job means  "A particular action or role of the government. For recruitment purposes, the loose definition of Government Job is a particular post in any government department/organisation doing some action on behalf of the government. Thus a post doing execution on behalf of the government is a government job"

Ministry means “Union Ministry for which government jobs are being recruited” 

Board means “Recruitment board who is completing the recruitment process on behalf of a particular government department/organisation”. Example - SSB, RSMSSB, CBSE, ASRB, RRB, PESB

Examining Body means “Any organisation conducting the Recruitment on behalf of the Central/State Government”. It may be by UPSC, State PSC, SSC, State SSC, RRB, etc. A new National Recruitment Agency has been created recently by the Union Government to conduct a common recruitment examination for non-gazetted staff.

Public Service Commission (PSC) is an examination and recruitment constitutional body for Government vacancies in India. Articles 315 to 323 in Part XIV of the Constitution of India provides for the establishment of a Public Service Commission (PSC) for the Union and a Public Service Commission for each State. The government in order to provide unbiased opportunity to every citizen has established dedicated Commissions, for recruitment and training of personnel in the govt department and ministries.

Application Form means "A form designed to gather relevant information of job seeker through offline/online mode". It can be Offline in physical form or online in digital form. View details about filling the online form.

Recruitment Examination means "An examination conducted to determine the thinking, reasoning, numerical, logical, reading, analytical abilities to recruit suitable candidates for a particular government job". There are many regular recruitment examinations conducted annually by various recruitment agencies. View - How to get selected for Government Jobs?

Direct Recruitment in the Government sector implies open to all candidates i.e. any candidate can apply for the job provided he/she is having the required qualifications.

Qualifying Examination/Minimum Qualification means “Educational Degree/Diploma/Certificate Examination, on the result of which the candidate becomes eligible to apply for a particular government job."

Preferences/preferred/desirable qualifications mean "Additional educational qualifications that may be used to shortlist applicants. They are related directly to the job but are not essential to performing the job well". Often these are required for specialist jobs.  The qualification requirement is not mandatory by preferred to select the candidates.

Understanding Government Job perspective

Minimum Age means "Minimum age of the candidates who would apply for a particular government vacancy.". The general minimum age for government Staff vacancies is 18/20 years and for Officers, the minimum age for applying is 21 years.

Maximum Age means "Maximum age of the candidates who would apply for a particular government vacancy." The general maximum age for government Staff vacancies is 25 years and for Officers, the maximum age for applying is 30 years.

Age relaxation means "Relaxation in the maximum age of the candidates who would apply for a particular government vacancy." The age relaxation for  Scheduled Castes (SC)/Schedules Tribes (ST) category candidates is 5 years, 3 years for OBC candidates, and 10 years relaxation for Physically Handicapped candidates. In certain recruitments, different age relaxation may be provided.

Scheduled Castes (SC) means “Scheduled Castes as specified and laid down by the Government of India”. It is a constitutional requirement.

Scheduled Tribes (ST) means “Scheduled Tribes as specified and laid down by the Government of India”. It is a constitutional requirement.

Other Backward Classes (OBC) means “Other Backward Classes as specified and laid down by the Government of India or by the respective States/UTs. It is a constitutional requirement.

Differently abled persons mean “Differently abled persons as specified and laid down by the Government of India or the respective States/UTs as the case may be”. Physically Handicapped (PH) and Persons With Disabilities (PWD) have the same meaning.

Salary means "A fixed regular payment given to any government employee, typically paid on a monthly basis". The salary to any government employee is determined by the pay level of the pay matrix fixed by the pay commission (currently 7th pay commission) of the particular job post.

Pay Commission means "A commission normally headed by a retired Supreme/High Court Judge with a team of civil service officials and ministerial staff, given a task to determine the wages of government employees keeping the prevailing economic conditions and similar payment to an employee in the private sector and in other countries." The Terms of Reference defines the boundaries of pay commissions.

The starting date means "The day and date for you to submit your application and all other required documents for recruitment in a particular government jobs vacancy"

The closing date means "The day and date for you to submit your application and all other required documents for recruitment in a particular government job vacancy". Many a time, due to various administrative and other reasons, the last date for the vacancy is extended so that more suitable candidates can apply.

Permanent Post means "A government job which will be continued till the candidates get retired from the service and thereafter. An offer of employment for an indeterminate amount of time, meaning there is no end date indicated on the offer of employment." This is one of the biggest attractions of the government job in India.

Contrat post means "A government job that may last for a fixed term only. Term appointments may be used for project work, extraordinary workload, scheduled cancellation of a position, reorganization, uncertainty of future funding, or contracting out of the function.

Contract recruitment can be extended as per the requirement and at the discretion of the government organisation or these contracts can automatically end after the time period of the project is over. View all available Contact job vacancies in various government departments.

Civil Service - civil service is a permanent bureaucracy of the Indian government system that executes all government schemes and policies. Often working in the public sector, an employee of the civil service is basically employed by the government to impartially implement their policies and laws.

Civil service employees often work in areas that highly affect people’s everyday life (e.g. health and education). Indian Union Government and State Governments conduct annual Civil Service Recruitment Exam through Public Service Commissions to recruit suitable Civil Service Officials in various disciplines.

Employee Category or Type - Broadly Government Employees in India are categorised into 4 types i.e. Class-I or Group-A, Class-II or Class-B, Class-III or Group-C, and Class-IV or Group-D. There are differences in perks, facilities, and salary depending upon the category of employee. View details of Group A, B, C, and D government employees.

Government Jobs Categories and Type - There a many types of Government jobs in India. Central government jobs, State government jobs, Public Sector Undertaking Jobs, Autonomous organisation jobs, and jobs in Indian Courts. These are employer types of government jobs. On the other hand, Government Jobs are called as Administrative or Civil Service Jobs, Faculty Jobs in Indian Universities and Institutes, Scientist Jobs in Scientific organizations, Armed Forces Jobs, Technical Jobs, Ministerial jobs, Engineering Jobs, Management jobs, etc are some of the broad categories of job types.

Deputation - When a government official is appointed from outside the parent cadre or from outside the direct line of promotion for a limited period by the end of which he will have to revert to his parent cadre, he is known to be on deputation.

Eligibility List means "An eligibility list is a list of applicants who have completed a recruitment competition, are ranked according to their standing in the competition and are qualified to fill future vacancies."

Merit means "Government appointments are made on the basis of an assessment of competence and ability to perform the duties of the particular job.  These factors include the applicant's education, skills, and abilities, knowledge, experience, past work performance."

Merit List means " List of all suitable candidates on the basis of grades in reverse order selected after an assessment of competence through recruitment exam and/or personal interview." Higher the ability marks, the higher the candidate in the merit list. A merit list is a list of names of persons who have successfully completed the examination.

Offer and confirmation letters -  A written job offer (email or letter) is sent to a successful applicant outlining the terms of employment. The person may accept or refuse the offer. A confirmation letter is sent to the successful person once all steps in the hiring process is finalized.

Probation - New employees, or those starting a new job with different responsibilities, will serve a probation period. Generally, it is 1-2 years in India.

Location - Where a government job is located. This may be indicated on the job poster as a specific address or it may be the city and state, or multiple cities and states, depending on where the positions are being staffed.

Date of Retirement means "The date on which a particular government servant finally ceased to be an employee". The normal retirement date for government staff is 60 years. Different date of retirement is in special organisations like Indian Army, Central Armed Police Forces, Doctors, Faculty Professors, etc. 

View==> Government Job Full form, Abbreviation, and acronyms

Government Jobs English Hindi Dictionary

Here we will see what is the dictionary word of English related to Government jobs in Hindi. Sometimes Government Job Seekers get confused about the proper meaning of the word written in the government job advertisement. This problem generally comes when Hindi speaking states publish their respective Sarkari Naukri Advertisements in Hindi Language only.

Many a time these advertisements use non-standard Hindi words i.e. a word in an advertisement of Uttar Pradesh Government becomes something different in the advertisement in the Jharkhand State Government Jobs.

  • Accounts - लेखा
  • Advertisement - विज्ञापन
  • Additional - अपर
  • Allowances - भत्ते
  • Application - आवेदन
  • Applicant - आवेदक/अभ्यर्थी/उम्मीदवार
  • Attendant - अर्दली/सहायक/परिचारक/सेवक
  • Assistant - सहायक
  • Authority - प्राधिकरण
  • Chief - मुख्य
  • Civil - असैनिक/जानपद
  • Clerk - लिपिक
  • Certificate - प्रमाण पत्र
  • Certified - प्रमाणित/अभिप्रमाणित
  • College -  महाविद्यालय
  • Competitive - प्रतियोगितात्म
  • Competition - प्रतियोगिता
  • Commission - आयोग
  • Commissioner - आयुक्त
  • Deputy - उप
  • Depputation - प्रतिनियुक्ति
  • Editor - सम्पादक
  • Employee - कर्मचारी
  • Employer - नियोक्ता
  • Engineer - अभियंता
  • Engineer - अभियंत्रण
  • Executive - अधिशासी/कार्यकारी
  • Examination - परीक्षा
  • Gazette - राजपत्र
  • General - सामान्य
  • Government Job - सरकारी नौकरी
  • Graduate - स्नातक
  • Post Graduate - परा स्नातक
  • Judicial - न्यायिक
  • Inspector - निरीक्षक
  • Sub Inspector - उप निरीक्षक
  • Lecturer - व्याख्याता
  • Manager - प्रबंधक
  • Mechanical - यांत्रिक
  • Merit List - मेधा सूची
  • Officer - अधिकारी
  • Personal Secretary - व्यक्तिगत सचिव/ वैयक्‍तिक सचिव
  • Preliminary - प्रारम्भिक
  • Public Service Commission - लोक सेवा आयोग
  • Recruitment - भर्ती
  • Registration - पंजीकरण
  • Reservation - आरक्षण
  • Horizontal Reservation - क्षैतिज आरक्षण
  • Vertical Reservation - लंबवत आरक्षण
  • Provision - प्रावधान
  • Review - समीक्षा
  • Revenue - राजस्व
  • Registrar - निबंधक
  • Reporter - प्रतिवेदक
  • Subordinate - अधीनस्थ
  • Selection - चयन
  • Secretary - सचिव
  • Schedule Cast - अनुसूचित जाति
  • Schedule Tribes - अनुसूचित जनजाति
  • Stenographer - आशुलेखन
  • Typing - टंकण
  • Junior - कनिष्ठ/कनीय
  • Senior - वरिष्ठ
  • Junior Engineer - कनिष्ठ अभियंता
  • Under Secretary - अवर सचिव
  • Educational - शैक्षिक
  • Qualification - अर्हता
  • Regional - सम्भागीय/क्षेत्रीय
  • Technical - तकनीकी/प्राविधिक
  • Objective Type Exam - वस्तुनिष्ठ प्रकार परीक्षा
  • Officer - अधिकारी
  • Organiser - व्यवस्थापक
  • Research - क्षोध
  • Security - सुरक्षा
  • Trainee - प्रशिक्षार्थी/प्रशिक्षणार्थी
  • Promotion - भर्ती
  • Written Exam - लिखित परीक्षा
  • Quantitative / Numerical - संख्यात्मक
  • Mental Ability Test - मानसिक योग्यता परीक्षा/  मानसिक योग्यता परीक्षा/ मानसिक अभिरुचि परीक्षा/ तार्किक परीक्षा

There are many other words which are used in the government job advertisements, we will publish here all these words as and when we see them. Please continue to visit this page for updated information.

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