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Beware of Fake Sarkari Naukri Application Forms

Beware of fake Government Job recruitment application forms

Some of you have might have gone to your local News Paper vendor to purchase and fill the Application form for a particular Government Job (Sarkari Naukri). But you may not be aware that these forms are fake and some big racket is working behind this. Since these application forms have cost only Rs.3-5, nobody complained and the problem of fake form continues. 

Today, this problem is highlighted by a new item in almost all the News Paper published from Delhi. I am reproducing the article published in 'The Economic Times'.

They are available with any pavement vendor or a roadside bookstall ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 10 and opening a possible window of a precious job that the thousands of jobless are dreaming to get. Thousands of such gullible are, however, being defrauded thanks to the thriving market for recruitment forms issued by government agencies and being printed and published in hundreds by frauds.

The Delhi Police seems to be totally unaware of the whole scam. “We do not have any complaints as such, but we can look into this,” said Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat. “Recently I purchased a form for the post of deputy field officer for cabinet secretariat, Government of India. But I was taken aback when I checked it with the Employment News. The form was fake; it had incomplete, inaccurate, and misleading information,” said Rajeev Ranjan, an aspirant for a government job.

Dara Singh also has a similar story to tell. The form for the post of a junior intelligence officer in the intelligence bureau, ministry of home affairs (MHA) does not have any of the essential details as regards the qualification, he said. “The form was actually for the motor transport, grade-II (motor driver) post. It required possession of a valid driving license for motor cars along with a mandatory three-year driving experience of motor cars,” he added, “Which wasn’t published with the form.” Instead, the advertisement in the form mentioned matriculation as the only eligibility criteria against the essential qualification for the post. None of the other important details was there in the advertisement.

There are various other forms of different departments or organisations, both private and government, sold in the open market at bookstalls and corner-stores with incomplete and inaccurate details relating to the post and performa of the application form, thus robbing the candidate of their money. “The details given in the form of advertisement are false. These publishers are very shrewd,” said Munna Kumar, a postgraduate, who is also a job aspirant. “The most important information or instruction relating to the post and vacancy is either deliberately not published or if published, then in such a way so that any candidature who goes through the advertisement is lured at once, at the very first sight to buy the form,” he added.

Sarkari Naukri Government Job vacancy Application forms
Sarkari Naukri Government Job vacancy Application forms

But when they cross-check it with the original advertisement, they find themselves helpless. The forms are never returned or taken back by the form-sellers and in this way, the motive of quick money generation of these elements through fake form sales is easily met.

The owner of the aforesaid form publisher (Rajat Printers and Publishers), Suraj Singhal, when contacted, first tried to pass on the blame to some other publisher, but finally admitted his fault and plead guilty on account of ignorance of the actual (original) details of the vacancy. “I am a semi-literate person. I do have much of the details of the genuine advertisement and there might have been cases like this,” he admitted. The publishers estrange themselves from all these by simply mentioning a sentence declaring themselves not responsible for any of the mistake or inaccuracy, whatsoever.

These are a few of the cases from Delhi and NCR, but the fate and magnitude of this scam are very large on an all-India basis. Most of the smaller towns, villages, and districts in the country are a part of this organised illegal syndicate. The racket largely goes unnoticed because of the cost of the form as nobody bothers to lodge a complaint of cheating with the police for the small amount of money involved and as such this trade is gaining ground in unknown territories.

This is the reason that I always try to give either a link to the Application form or a scanned copy of the Application Form so that you should get an actual copy only. Beware of Fake Forms. Though nowadays, online applications are being collected by the recruitment agency, but still there some organisations, collecting physical forms from the candidates. The problem will be solved as Governments at the Central and State level are developing online software applications under the 'Digital India' program.

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