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Beware of Government Job Recruitment Frauds

Government Job recruitment Frauds

Beware of Sarkari Naukri Scams

Government Job (Sarkari Naukri) gives a defined career progression and longevity in the career. It also gives a responsibility to serve  the nation and to work for welfare of common people.

Sarkari-Naukri Government Job Fraud
Sarkari-Naukri Government Job Fraud

Government Jobs in India give you very challenging environment to work. Therefore, Government Job has got respectability in Indian society  and hence educated youth desire to get Government Jobs. Job seekers are always lookout for latest government job information, But as number of posts in Government are less than the candidates who desire to get government job,  there is a big completion out there. One has to work hard and to be lucky to selected in Government Jobs. Such is the desperation that People can do anything to get government job be it very junior level or class-I officer rank post. People are ready to pay bribe to get these government jobs. 

But for some people Government Job gives opportunity to earn extra money by dubious and corrupt means and hence they are attracted to the Government Services and they want to get it by any means.

Since getting a Government Job is not so easy, people try to use some other methods to achieve it. Seeing this desire in the candidates and society some people have started duping candidates in the name of giving them hopes and assurance to get a Sarkari Naukri.

There are a number of ways one can make a fool of candidates. The candidates needs to fully aware these methods and save themselves and family for further humiliation, legal prosecution and financial losses.

Here are a various methods of duping the candidates in Government Job Frauds

Bogus Fake  Government Website creation

In this kind of Government Job fraud, conman creates creates websites with the copied content of the Government website with its logo and look like design and  therefore, it looks  like a genuine Government website. In some case design of the website is not same as of the government website.  Then conman will contact the prospective candidates to lure them to give some money so that he can get them selected for a particular naukri. Some times they will publish a bogus fake advertisement on this site and demand money with application form as the norm in genuine Government job advertisement in India. Some other times  Conman will show the candidates name in the list of selected candidates at his bogus website and ask money to issue joining letter.

  • How to Save your self? - as the saying prevention is better than the cure,  candidates are advised to make sure that an advertisement is genuine before applying to apply for any particular naukri. Please all candidates need to know that genuine Government websites in India have certain patterns of the naming convention for its websites e.g.
    •   / - This the suffix in name of the almost all Government websites in India. Therefore, please check domain name of the organisation for which you want to apply. For example, the website of Union Public Service Commission is https;//  What conman will do is that will create a website with a matching domain name like, if you do not see it clearly, you will be misled. Another example is CBSE Result website which is at the domain name, the conman will create websites like or So, Please be aware of all these methods and always see if the domain name looks correct or not.  We at https://SarkariNaukriBlog.Com always verify the genuineness of the website before putting it on our website.
    • - This domain name is used by academic institutes and universities in India. Very few use and but all of them are coming to domain.
    • - This domain name is used by research and scientific organisations like CSIR etc.  Very few use but all of them are shifting to domain.
    • .com and - This domain suffix is used by Public Sector companies and undertakings. 
    • Check Whois - You can always check  details of website like its address, owner etc. by visiting any Whois website on the internet. If it is not government website then address will be some private office.

Indian Air Force Warning against phishing websites

Creation of a Fake Organisation

In many cases, the scammer will publish a job advertisement in the name of fake organisation addition prefix as 'Rashtriya' or 'National' or 'Indian' before it so that it look like genuine. This kind of advertisement are generally published in Hindi News paper or in regional languages. For example advertisement in the name of National Pashupalan Vikas Nigam or Rashtriya Krishi Prasar Prachar Limited is being regularly published in published in Hindi and regional languages news papers. Beware of these  kind of bogus organisations.

Bogus Company Recruitment

  • How to Save yourself? -  Government of India maintains list of all its organisations and websites as well of State Governments at , Please visit this site to see all the organisations in a particular Ministry / State. 

Youth and Sports Ministry warning against fake organisations
Youth and Sports Ministry warning against fake organisations

E-Mail / Social Media Job Offering and asking for money

Unscrupulous fraudster first get list of the candidates from various sources and from recruitment database of Government Departments or from Private Recruitment Agencies and send email to the job seekers claiming to offer them a particular job. This offering is on Social Media like WhatsApp etc.also.   They demand money in return to provide them  offer for a particular job from a particular company.

  • How to Save your self? -  Public Sector Companies and Government Organisation never offer Jobs directly to the individual persons. These organisations are bound by the Constitution and work within the rules of  Government of India. Government Organisations publish their vacancies in all leading News Papers and Employment News weekly only.  Therefore, kinly do not fall prey to this kind of offers.  

ITBP Warning against false recruitment offer emails

Indian Oil warning against fake appointment letters and asking for money
Indian Oil warning against fake appointment letters and asking for money

ONGC warning against fake appointment letters and asking for money
ONGC warning against fake appointment letters and asking for money

Warning by National Fertilizers against fake appointment letters and asking for money
Warning by National Fertilizers against fake appointment letters and asking for money

Similar kind of information about warning to the job seekers can be seen on most Government organisations in India and even from private companies website as well.

Leak Papers Offering

Sometimes, people will offer you leaked papers of recruitment examinations before 1-2 days of the actual recruitment examinations. Several reports in the news papers have been published specially from UP and Bihar. There are many criminal gangs with support of corrupt government officials working to extort money from the job seekers though this method. They ask Thousands to Lakhs of Rupee in return of these examination papers. Some examination papers are genuine while most are fake. Once money is paid to these gangs, you can not ask money for return if the paper is not genuine.

  • How to Save your self? -  Purchasing recruitment examination is a criminal offence and job candidates should refrain themselves from purchasing such papers and indulging in the such kind of activities. If some police case is registered against you, your career will be severely affected, hence keep away your self from purchasing of recruitment papers etc. and instead prepared hard  to crack the recruitment exam.  

Munna Bhai Offering

One more fraudulence method being frauds is to offer of some other person to appear in the recruitment examination against you. This is famous Munna Bhai MBBS Bollywood movie syndrome.  Several cases have been caught and reported in the media. Fraud elements will ask money from you for this activity.

  • How to Save your self? -  This is a criminal offence and please do not try to do this.  If some police case is registered against you, your career will be severely affected, hence keep away your self from let other appear in place of you in the examination  and instead prepared hard  to crack the recruitment exam.   

Golmal by Honesty

This a very simple case of extorting money by honest methods. These fraud people first get the list of job seekers who have appeared either in written examination or in personal interview. They will contact the candidates claiming that they will get you pass in the examination or interview in exchange of some money. They will take guarantee to get you selected and will claim that if in case you are selected they will return the money.  Candidates come in their influence listening the case of return of money.

After getting money from several candidates, what these fraud people do is that they will not do any thing. They will just sit idle in their home enjoying their life with your money. After result is declare many of the candidates who have given money will be selected themselves at their own hard work or luck. These fraud people will keep money of these selected candidates claiming that they are selected because of them paying money to higher authorities and return the money taken from the unsuccessful candidates.   This way they earn good money without doing any thing.

Fake Certificate Degree

Some candidates try to get fake degree and certificates for particular course. There are gangs operating in many parts of India specially in  UP and Bihar to get you these degree. Candidates become smart by themselves asking for these degrees and  try for Government Jobs with these fake degrees. But the don't know that  there exists a degree / certificate verification process in Government organisations where after joining, all your certificates / degree go to verification to the universities / institutes where you have studies. Many candidates are caught every year after several years of recruitment and they have to face criminal cases and have to face lot of difficulties in life.  Therefore, never purchase fake degree / certificate to get a sarkari naukri.


Therefore, it requested to all Sarkari Naukri  / Government Job seekers that please save yourself from the frauds in the recruitment. Please be honest in your efforts and keep away from dubious methods to get selected.

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