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How to Prepare for Competitive Examination when you are short of time

How to Prepare for Government Job when you are short of time?

How to Prepare for Competitive Examination when you have less time to prepare?

Most of the competitive examinations for Government Jobs in India take 1-2 years in the complete process of completion. State Public Service Commission Examinations even take more time than this. Candidates need to have patience while preparing for the competitive examination for examination especially the Civil Service Examination of UPSC and the State Administrative Service Exam of the respective State Public Service Commission.

Prepare competitive examination intelligently when you are having full time jobNowadays, the education structure is such that by the time the candidates complete the Graduation, he or she completes the age of 21-22 years. So while perpetration for competitive examination commences,  there comes a pressure on the candidates to either get a job or in the case of girls, parents pressure to get married as early as possible.

Sometimes, candidates get a good lucrative offer of a job that candidate can not refuse and they join it. Some girls also succumb to the pressure of their parents or from their Boy Friends to get married and they get married.

So the question comes then, how to prepare for the competitive examination of your dream government job while you are busy with the current job or you are married.

Well, every situation has some silver lining also which you can utilise while start preparing for extermination in busy conditions.

Preparation for competitive examination for officer cadre government jobs especially Civil Services Examination involves a significant amount of time, dedication, and energy and so busy candidates who want to prepare for the exam need a different strategy as they are short of time, energy, and focus that those who are not in a job have. These constraints can be overcome by a dedicated candidate with efforts and correct planning.

Steps to Prepare for Competitive Examination when you have less time

#1. Don’t quit the job

Your current job is a blessing in disguise: You should be happy that one of the targets of your life has been achieved (of getting a job and/or marriage) and now you have to achieve the bigger goal and you should be focused on it like Arjun of bird's eye.

Since the competitive examination process is lengthy and most candidates are able to crack in their second and third attempts, economic security is essential. The biggest fear that haunts the mind of any Civil Services Examination aspirants is insecurity. But as a working professional, you won’t feel the brunt of unsuccessful so much. So, abandon the idea of quitting the job, your job is a blessing in disguise for you.

#2. Have a will to crack it

Competitive examinations are tough to crack. Lakhs of candidates appear in these examinations to try their ability and luck. UPSC examinations especially the IAS exam is deemed to be the toughest examination in the world, but it is not as difficult as the full-time preparing individuals (who study for 18-20 hours a day) think it to be.

A coherent and wise approach to preparation is all it takes to clear the exam. If you have determination and focus and have backed it with good preparation, then you don’t have to fear anything.

#3. Don't loose focus

It is easy to loose focus to get the dream government job while you are busy with your current job or in the family matter if you are a married person. Fire to get the desired job should be in your heart and you should have positive thinking. Many candidates get succeeded in the Civil Service and other Services every year while they are doing some jobs and some women who are married. Find out the interviews and details about such successful candidates and read about their strategies and be inspired to achieve your goal.

#4. Make full use of the time available to you

For those who are doing a full-time job, spare time is premium and you should utilise this time very carefully. Utilising the available time in hand to the fullest seems to be the most viable strategy.

A working professional should resort to smart preparation, which means keeping newspapers, Atlas, and perhaps a yearbook handy and reading through it while traveling, at lunch hours, or as and when there is some free time.

These are well directed and quick options to prepare for the preliminary exams. I know some IAS officers who used to study in the Metro Rail, Local Train, Bus while traveling to and fro office.

#5. Study according to the pattern of  the examination  and be selective

When you are short of time, you need to be clever enough to strategically study the pattern of the competitive examination for last year's question papers.  It’s advisable not to spend time reading and making notes of something that is not in the course for the examination.

It is, therefore, requested that you should be aware of the pattern of the exam and study only what is essential. You will have to be selective in your approach and weed out or spend lesser time on topics of lesser relevance.

#6. Study Regularly

This is very important. If you have planned well and if you following it religiously, tour study will be regular and you will be focused. If your preparation is faulty or you take shortcuts to your preparation — it won’t yield a positive result. The best way to prepare well for the exam is to be regular with your studies, magazines, and newspapers.

#7. Develop a routine and follow it

Considering the time constraint, you need to adopt a more focused approach. So, map out a routine for yourself. Try to get early in the morning 1-2 hours before you regularly used to get up. This way you will get spare 1-2 peaceful hours in hand to study.

You should make a routine of regular study of 2-3 hours either in the night or in the morning.

Adherence to a routine will allow you to focus and prepare the syllabus in time. Following the routine and sticking to the timetable is of paramount importance.

#8. Choose subjects wisely

Most of the candidates commit mistakes while choosing subjects. There are subjects that have less syllabus and scoring as well; for example Punjabi language. Nowadays, Urdu has also become a very scoring subject. You should pick those subjects which you think you can easily prepare and score more.

Preparing Competitive Examination when you are short of time

#9. Keep General Knowledge updated

Having good General Knowledge (GK) and General Awareness is very important not only in competitive examinations but in all walks of general life. It is essential to keep yourself updated with Geography, History especially India's freedom struggle, Mathematics, Economy, Science, Sports, and most importantly Current Affairs to get through the examination.

The easiest way for a working professional to do so is to be regular with newspapers, happenings, etc. Nowadays having Smartphone in every hand is very handy to get updated.

#10. Prepare notes

While preparing, keep making note of the important point of the subject. Preparing notes help retaining something in memory for a long time. So even a working professional is suggested to make notes of what he/she observes or reads. These personal notes will be your quick bites in the last few days of preparation when recollecting what you have studied is very important.

#11. Solve sample test papers and previous year question papers

Before finally appearing for the examination, it is necessary to test your knowledge to gain confidence. Solving previous year's question papers and other sample test papers available on the internet and in the books will endow you with enormous confidence.

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