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Manage Stress for Government Job Examinations

Sarkari Naukri Competition Examination - How to Manage Stress

You are aiming to crack the competition examination of your desired Government Jobs being conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) or State Public Service (PSCs) commissions or any Public Sector Unit (PSU), and you are studying hard to achieve your goal.  But, there is enormous pressure on you job seeker to perform well in the examination, to meet the self and parental expectations and to get good desired Government Job.

There are Lakhs of candidates appearing for the good Sarkari Naukri Exams in India and this examination system has become more of a rejection than the selection of the candidates. While a higher number of candidates competing for a limited number of vacancies in a particular orgnisation, those who are unable to cope, or not done well in the examination feel the pressure of competition.

As the level of government job competition level gets more fierce, the stress level rises for the candidates. This pressure is felt by most intelligent and hard-working candidates as well as less intelligent candidates.

But stress is harmful and a candidate should handle the pressure and should aim to get selected for his/her desired government job. There are certain tried and tested methods employing which you can become less stressed and become more productive.

Steps to Manage Stress for Government Job Examinations

#1. Positive Thinking

Be positive and always think that you will succeed in cracking the examination. Start with a positive mind and be confident of your goals. If you are regular in your studies, you need not worry too much.  Sometimes examinations put opportunities to judge your preparedness and make you realistic about your capabilities and />br />Not everyone can be selected for a particular examination and the examination can help you a clear understanding of your capabilities. With this realisation, you can fix a target to achieve the attainable goals.

#2. Solving Sample Papers

As the date of the Sarkari Naukri examination comes near, the last days should be spent revising the syllabus and testing the preparedness by answering sample papers. After revising the complete syllabus, try to solve as many as sample />br />You must treat the sample papers as the real final papers and complete them in the prescribed time only without any stoppages and distractions. A list of various websites where you can find free study material and previous year's question papers.

#3. Time Management

Time management is of prime importance. After you apply for a particular government job and after go through the entire syllabus for the competitive examination for this particular job, prepare a timetable covering all the required study materials.

Find out the difficult chapters or the chapters which trouble you most and try to find out the solutions through any expert teacher. Spend some extra time on these topics. Your timetable should also include mealtime, relaxation periods, friends time, exercise time, and sleep.

Don't try to do too much, it will make you frustrated and more anxious. You can relax in between your study with a favourite book, movie and TV programmes and newspapers/magazines.  Make sure you also maintain an exercise schedule as physical exercise is known to enhance study performance.

#4. Don't hesitate to ask for help

Don't hesitate to get help if required. The examination is a serious matter of your life. Take the help of everybody who can provide solutions to your problems. Teachers are the best guides for help. The teachers have so many other candidates through the difficult problems and know the solutions.

Also, take the help of your friends and coach if required. It is always better to know your weakness and try to get solutions for this.

#5. Take help from Parents

Parents play a supportive and positive role for the candidates during the period of competition preparation. Parents can create a supportive environment for study. A separate part of the home where a candidate can have peace and quiet should be arranged.

Parents should be tolerant and sensitive towards candidates' needs and try to help the child manage his/her emotions through talking to them. Candidates should take all the help from their parents and relieve the anxieties.

#6. Take care of Your Health

During the preparation time, take care of your health. It needs sound health to sit for a 3 hour examination to get sound concentration and stamina. Eat healthy food and maintain a proper diet. Take Vitamins like B12 and Vitamin-A.

Also, take dry foods at regular intervals during the study time.  Learn to do regular deep breathing as this will take care of the sudden panic in the examination hall.  If you are preparing for the examination during the nighttime, it is essential to come back to day time schedule.

The examination will be held in the morning hours only.  If you sleep regularly in the daytime, it will be difficult to adjust to the exam time and you will be sleepy. so for the last month before exams, study during the day and get 7-8 hours of sleep at the same time every night. This way, you can reset your body clock.

So it is important to have good health while preparing for competitive examinations for a government job.

#7. Be ready for Examination

As the day of the examination finally arrived, check all the materials required for the examination ready with you, Check all the things properly especially the examination admission hall. Make yourself strong and confident to crack the exam.

#8. Arrive well before the examination

Make sure that you arrive at the examination hall well before the examination starts. If your examination center is in another city, go there one day before. If the examination center is in Big city like Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata then start early to reach the destination as there may be a traffic jam in these cities.

#9. Eat something

Do have something to eat before the examination. You may be anxious at this moment and to overcome it, eat something healthy and tasty. It may not be a huge amount, but you will function better with fuel inside.

#10. Don't panic inside Examination Hall

Don't panic at the examination hall seeing others. Be confident there. There are hundreds of candidates, but you should be confident in yourself and your preparation. Don't panic seeing the huge gathering of candidates.

After the paper is distributed, read the exam paper carefully and understand each question carefully before attempting the answer. While attempting the answer, keep in mind the tips your teachers, coaching, and friends have given you.  Answer confidently.

#11. Relax

Finally, relax. Take deep breaths and release any anxiety developing inside you. Taking deep breaths will make you calm down and rejuvenate. The examination does not need to be as stressful as they have become.

Competition has become a part of life and don't let the stress of exams overcome you. There will always be some candidates who will do better and some will do worse than you. So start with positive thinking and focus on your strengths which will lead you to a successful career at Sarkari Naukri.

All the best wishes for competitive examinations.

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