Sarkari Naukri Vacancy Job Recruitment in India from Central/State Governments, PSU, Courts, Universities, Banks, Armed Forces, Institutes

Amazing Facts of Government Jobs in India

Amazing Facts of Government Jobs in India

As all of us are aware that there is a distinct attraction for Government Jobs in India. In most parts of India, Government Jobs are known as 'Sarkari Naukri'.

There are many Amazing and Interesting Facts associated with Government Jobs in India which are to be known to all. You may already know some of these amazing facts but not all facts. Some of the facts are very interesting to know. There are many job seekers out there in search of a good and suitable government job for them. It is very important for Government Jobs seekers to know these interesting facts also.

Here are some of the Amazing Government Job Facts - 👇

1. Cabinet Secretary is the Highest Government Job in India.

2. Indian Railway is the Biggest Employer for Government Jobs in India.

3. Indian Civil Services Examination by UPSC is the Biggest Recruitment Examination for the selection of suitable candidates for more than 20 Group-A and Group-B Services like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRTS, IRMS, ITS, IAAS etc.

4. election of Pilot in the Indian Air Force is the toughest Indian Government job recruitment exam in which a candidate can appear only once in a lifetime.

5. There are separate toilets for Senior level officers and Junior officers and staff in the Ministries in Delhi.

Amazing Facts about Government Jobs in India

6. There are departmental canteens in most of the Ministries in Delhi but rarely you will see senior officers going there.

7. Whether you are an Arabian Horse or a local Donkey, you will get the same treatment in promotions. There is no fast track promotion for a person howsoever brilliant, competent and efficient he or she may be.

8. In most of the top level services like IAS, IPS etc., the promotion to the next level is done in a timebound manner but for junior officers and staff, the promotions are almost delayed and in most cases, the employees get retired without getting their due promotions.

9. There are many field offices having dirty and extremely unhealthy office rooms, especially in state government offices. Sometimes these offices are so dirty, that even employees from other offices under the same government would get shocked.

10. The more you enter early (age wise) in the government job, the more you get the benefit of longer service.

11. Salary is credited to the employee on the last working day of the month in Central government and in most states.

12. Nowadays, salary is not given in cash, it is credited to the employee bank accounts.

13. March is the month when salary is not credited to the Central Government employees due to budget issues.

14. In April month, Central government employees get two salaries in their bank accounts, one for the month of March and one for the month of April on the last working day.

15. Contrary to general belief, the government job is not secured per se. You might have read or heard the news that the Government of India gave compulsory retirement to some of the officers and staff as per clause 56(j) of the Fundamental Rules, the government has the absolute right to retire officials prematurely on sufficient grounds.

16. Contrary to general belief, leave is not your right in Government Jobs.

17. Government Jobs are divided into 4 (four) types of categories viz Group-A, Group-B, Group-C and Group-D. Know about types of government jobs before you apply for a particular job.

19. More than 10 Lakh (1 Millions) job seekers applying for government jobs in a particular recruitment examination is a normal in India. It has become a norm. In fact, over 1.21 Crore (12 Millions) number of candidates applied in Railway NTPC Recruitment Exam in the year 2021.

20. Government Jobs Recruitment Examinations are getting concentrated and consolidated i.e. single exam for many job vacancies. For example, GATE is being used for recruitment of Engineers in PSU, IBPS Recruitment for Government Bank vacancies, UGC NET exam is being used for Management Trainees for HR, Personnel and other disciplines, UPSC Civil Service Exam for recruitment of Officers for those candidates who appeared in the Interview but could not be selected, National Recruitment Agency for recruitment of all Non Gazette vacancies etc.

21. Baring some organisations, almost all government job application submission has become online. You can even apply for a particular government recruitment from your mobile device also.

So there are many amazing and interesting facts about Government Jobs in India which we have tried to listed here. If you are aware of any other fact which is not listed above, please try to inform by comment below so that everyone can know these facts.

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