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Government Recruitment Unfair Practices Misconduct can penalise you

Unfair Means Practices Misconduct and Breach of Examination Rules can Penalise You

There are many direct and indirect steps being taken by the Government Job Seekers that are unfair in the eyes of rules and it can lead to the cancellation of the candidature of the candidates. There are many misconducts knowingly or unknowingly being done by the recruitment examination candidates which are prohibited by the recruiting agency.

The candidates found guilty can be severely penalized and they can be punished for current recruitment examination or for forthcoming future recruitments also.

We have discussed how Government Jobs seekers are scammed and getting scammed by the semesters in many ways. In the desperation to clear the government recruitment exam and be selected, job seekers sometimes do many wrong things which ultimately harm them.

Many job-related frauds are done by the anti-social elements to gain monetary benefits from the job seekers. The job seekers fall prey to the unfair practice by the fraudster and by themselves but this ultimately cost them very heavily.

Unfair Means Practices and Breach of Recruitment Examination

What is the Definition of Unfair Means Practices?

Unfair Means (UFM) practice is an activity that allows a candidate to gain an unfair advantage over other candidates in any government job recruitment examination. Through an unfair means, the job seeker tries to race ahead of other candidates.

Sometimes candidates get succeeded in their efforts but most of the time they get caught and then get penalised for their misconduct.

For Example, according to the SSC UFM rule, if a candidate writes his name, roll number, address on the paper that reveals their identity, he/she will be awarded zero marks

Why do Job Seekers use unfair means in a recruitment Exam?

Most of the time the fear to lose out the job and get failed in the recruitment examination is one of the top reasons for some students to cheat and use unfair means in an examination. Some of the students anticipate a lot of problems if they fail the exams.

Their fear dwells in their parents complain about bad grades, their friends mocking, a possible dark future too and funnily some getting rejected from Girl/Boyfriends, etc.

What are types of unfair means in recruitment exams -

There are my types of unfair means listed below used by the candidates to take advantage in a recruitment examination. This is a summary of the unfair practices in the recruitment exams included 👇 but is not limited to - 

  • Being in possession of any item or article which has been prohibited or can be used for unfair practices including any stationery item, communication device, accessories, eatable items, ornaments, or any other material or information relevant or not relevant to the Examination in the paper concerned. This is the most widely used unfair practice in Indian Examinations.
  • Using someone to write Examination (impersonation or procuring impersonation by any person) or preparing material for copying. This practice is popularly known as 'Munna Bhai' syndrome after this practice was shown in a famous Bollywood movie 'Munna Bhai MBBS'.
  • Breaching Examination rules or any direction issued by the recruitment conducting agency.
  • Assisting other candidates to engage in malpractices, giving or receiving assistance directly or indirectly of any kind or attempting to do so;
  • Writing questions or answers on any material other than the answer sheet given by the Centre Superintendent for writing answers 
  • Contacting or communicating or trying to do so with any person, other than the Examination Staff, during the Examination time in the Examination Centre;
  • Resorting to the following means in connection with his candidature for the examination, namely -
    • Obtaining copy of question paper through improper means
    • Finding out the particulars of the persons connected with secret work relating to the examination
    • Influencing the examiners;
  • Threatening any of the officials connected with the conduct of the Examination or threatening any of the candidates;
  • Using or attempting to use any other undesirable method or means in connection with the examination;
  • Manipulation and submitting fabricated documents or documents which have been tampered with viz. Admit Card, Rank Letter, Self-Declaration, etc.; 

  • Forceful entry in or exit from Examination Centre/Hall;
  • Use or attempted use of any electronic device after entering the Examination Centre. normally nowadays, mobile phones are banned in examinations. Being in possession of or using any mobile phone, (even in switched off mode), pager or any electronic equipment or programmable device or storage media like pen drive, smartwatches, etc. or camera or Bluetooth devices or any other equipment or related accessories either in working or switched off mode capable of being used as a communication device during the examination; 
  • Affixing/uploading of wrong/morphed photographs/signatures on the Application Form/Admit Card/Proforma;
    • Uploading irrelevant photos in the application form in place of actual photo/signature. There are instances when candidates used inappropriate photographs to give a bad name to the government or to the examination conducting agency
  • Creating obstacles in smooth and fair conduct of the examination.
  • Any other malpractices declared as Unfair Means by the recruiting agency.
  • Obtaining support for his candidature by the following unfair means of 
    • Offering illegal gratification to, or
    • applying pressure on, or
    • blackmailing, or threatening to blackmail any person connected with the conduct of the examination
  • Making statements that are incorrect or false or suppressing material information
  • Writing obscene matter or drawing obscene sketches or irrelevant matter in the scripts
  • Misbehaving in the examination hall including provoking fellow examinees to boycott examination, creating a disorderly scene, and the like
  • Writing information other than mentioned in the paper, for instance, in the paper, you have been given an address like you are Ravi, a resident of Noida. If you write Ravi Kumar, House No 56, Sector 18, Noida then it will be considered an unfair means
  • Doing rough work on the sheet or putting stray marks, writing words on the sheet will lead to UFM.

What will be deemed as Misconduct?

  • Candidates should not furnish any false particulars or suppress any material information while filling up the Application Form.
  • Misconduct on the part of the candidate at any part of the recruitment process
  • Candidates bring or attempt to bring any political or other influence to further his/her interest in respect of recruitment.
  • Submitting fabricated/forged certificates or documents which have been tampered with for getting selected or to avail of free travel facilities.
  • Using unfair means during the recruitment process.
  • Impersonating or procuring impersonation by any person.
  • Misbehaving with the officials during the recruitment process.
  • Obtaining support/help for his / her candidature by any means.
  • Taking away the OMR Answer Sheet (either original or duplicate or both) from the examination hall is misconduct.
  • Writing your name on at any place on the answer sheet or by mistake you sign at invigilator's column
  • Writing information other than mentioned in the paper
  • While writing an essay, if you cross the word limit.

What are Penalties?

  • If on verification at any time before or after the Written Examination or Interview/ Personality Test, it is found that they do not fulfill any of the eligibility conditions; their candidature for the examination will be canceled by the recruiting authority or recruitment agency.
    • to be disqualified from the Examination for which he/she is a candidate; and/or
    • to be debarred either permanently or for a specified period, from any examination or selection held by the agency; 
    • by the Government from any employment under them, and 
    • if the candidate is already in service under Government to disciplinary action under the appropriate rules.

What not to do to get penalises

During the examination process, there are many things that you should avoid and stay away from wrongdoings.

👉 You should not mislead the recruitment agency by giving false information or concealing some important information like taking part in the political movement, any case going on in the court of law, any punishment imposed by any court, etc.

👉 You should not bring any stationery items like textual material (printed or written), bits of paper, Geometry/Pencil Box, Plastic Pouch, Calculator, Scale, Writing Pad, Pen Drives, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner, etc. unless otherwise allowed.

👉 You should not bring any communication device like Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, Earphones, Microphone, Pager, Health Band, etc. to the examination hall.

👉 Do not come up with fashion accessories Goggles, Handbags, Hair-pin, Hair-band, Belt, Cap, watch/Wrist Watch, Camera, etc.

👉 Please avoid (especially female candidates) ornaments like Ring, Earrings, Nose-pin, Chain/Necklace, Pendants, Badge, brooch, etc. as these would be thoroughly checked.

👉 Do not bring any food items or eatable items opened or packed at the examination center.

If the facility of the safe locker is provided then put all these things there safely.

What to do to avoid UFM and Misconduct

  • The candidates applying for the examination should ensure that they fulfill all the eligibility conditions for admission to the Examination. 
  • Incomplete or defective applications are generally rejected so try to fill the application form very carefully and fill all the required columns of the application form
  • Candidates are requested to keep ready self-attested copies of all the relevant documents which are mentioned in the application form for submission to the recruiting agency at the time of the personal interview or at any other time.
  • Nowadays as the COVID19 Corona Virus pandemic spread it is desired from the candidates to wear face masks and bring hand sanitizers and maintain social distancing. Please ensure to adhere to all covid protocols.
  • If desired, a candidate must have Aarogya Setu App installed on his/her mobile phone. The Aarogya Setu status must show the candidate’s risk factor. A candidate will have to display this status to the Security Guard at the entry into the exam venue. After the Aarogya Setu status display at the entry gate, candidates will be required to switch off their mobile phones, and deposit them at the designated location, to be collected while exiting.
  • Do not believe scamsters and fraud people to get you passed and selected in the examination.
  • Believe in yourself and prepare with dedication and hard work to get selected through examination.


As there are unfair mean practices and misconducts being done by some of the job seekers in the recruitment examinations, there are action taken steps and penalties for UFM and misconducts.

A UFM and misconduct during the examination process can ruin your career forever, therefore, it is a good idea to shun the misconduct and make a distance from the people trying to lure you into malpractice to get the exam cleared. Tell other candidates also to behave properly in the recruitment process.

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